Exodus Remix
A poetic retell of the Second Book of Moses in story, biography, and commentary. Revisions continue ahead of planned readings and publication in the spring of 2018.

The Reluctant Pilgrim
Inspired by a 2015 Buddhist pilgrimage to India and Nepal, this book of poems & photographs is slated for release in early 2019.

Sapphire--Poems to My Father

A  memoir in verse. Recently begun with release TBA. 


"Awkward"--An Anthology

An anthology of poems submitted by Santa Ynez Valley 7th & 8th grade students responding  to the Solvang Library Poetry Challenge to write a poem on the theme of “Awkward”. Originator & Host--Steve Braff.
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To Give Life a Shape

An anthology showcasing the poetry of forty-one California Central Coast poets writing in response to works in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s permanent collection. "Rakshasa" by Steve Braff (Gun Powder Press, 2018)

Poetry Inspired by Art

Ekphrastic poetry brochure edited and published by Steve Braff for The Wildling Museum's October 2017 exhibit opening featuring the works of Isabelle Johnson, Theodore Waddell, and Bill Dewey. "Carilo Color"--Steve Braff
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Forty Days

A chapbook of ekphrastic poetry inspired by photographs taken in and around Joshua Tree National Park. (Cholla Needles2017) 

Joie de Vivre
Winter of 2017 exhibit catalogue of ekphrastic poetry for a gallery opening at the Hospice of Santa Barbara featuring the work of local artist, Kat Martin.

Small collection of poems written In April of 2014 during a Buddhist retreat at the Old Mission Santa Barbara.


Chapter One- Path
Written during a pilgrimage to India and Nepal in early 2015. Following substantial revisions and additions, several of these poems will be included in "The Reluctant Pilgrim" slated for publication in early 2019.

Chapter Two- Place
Culled from sparse work over the prior decade, these poems speak to “place”--a seeking of refuge, the yearning for sanctuary, and an understanding that offers solace.  

Chapter Three- Legacy
These poems, several dating back almost twenty years, share reflections on memory and memorial.

Terse verse written from 2014 through 2016 in the American 5/7/5 format. 
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