Monday, September 4, 2017

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Books: Works-in-progress and my published books with links to preview or purchase. Several books available for free viewing and download.
Journals:  Published poems with links to the respective journals.
Recordings:  Recordings of both my own poems and the work of other poets.
Readings : My upcoming and prior poetry readings.
I am drawn to performance poetry- memorized recitations shared live with the audience absent barriers of podium and paper. When my poems are working there is an engaging rift of image and word, rhythm and rhyme: a play of word music that connects; a resonance in the heart, rather than scratching of the head. You hear it. You get it. You smile.

I an honored to serve as co-founder of the Santa Ynez Valley Poetry Workgroup, Poetry Chair of the Santa Ynez Valley Arts Association, Arts Liaison for the Santa Ynez Valley Jewish Community, and guest host for Poetry Zone/Santa Barbara.